Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Favourite Things...Yellow!

Yellow has been my favourite colour since I could talk.  Back then I may have called it "lellow" but I knew I liked it then and I still love it now!  Since yellow is my favourite colour, it was only a matter of time before it wound up in my Favourite Things post.  WARNING:  This yellow is not mellow, may need sun glasses!!!

I found the Canary Dress by Holly Stalder last week in a treasury on Etsy.  I loved it so much it inspired this week's favourite things.  I had forgotten to add it to my favourites but after some determined searching I found it!  This dress is so fresh and fun.  It has a youthful freedom to it.  I am trying to think of any reason to go along with my "need" to have this dress!  To check out more of Holly's great designs visit her Etsy shop

Walking to Jericho's This Tree Stands photograph is stunning.  It has a timeless feel to it.  The tree looks as though it is thousands of years old and yet the yellow makes it feel new.  What a great use of juxtaposition.  To see more beautiful photographs from this artist go to

The Yellow Rose ring by the Poetic Life is a beauty.  I love the detail of the rose and that it has a vintage flair.  This ring is bound to add originality to any outfit.  For more great accessories by the Poetic Life visit their Etsy shop at

I was giddy to find two of my personal favourites together.  A Yellow Truffle Purse by Morelle!!!  Many spring seasons have inspired yellow purses.  What sets this one apart?  It is handmade with top quality Italian leather.  It can carry all the necessities as well as a laptop or books.  Basically it is perfect.  To get one of your own visit Morelle on Etsy at!

As special thanks to all the amazing artisans that
 inspired this grouping of Favourite Things. 


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