Monday, February 8, 2010

My Monday...New Creations!

Hello Readers,

This week's My Monday post is an update on Four Elements Design.  What we have been up to?  Where we are heading?  F.E.D.'s future plans?  2010 has been a whirlwind personally and professionally.  Saying that we like the challenge!

Last week I had the pleasure of making some new lampwork beads just because I wanted to.  I love that.  No deadline.  No custom order demands.  Making beads with absolutely no requirements allows me a freedom to just create.  I can enjoy the way they turn out, good or bad, and learn from the experience.  It is very freeing.  We made five new bracelets.  I will include a few pictures with this post!

Four Elements Design or F.E.D. for short has really taken off.  Etsy may be slow, but I have had numerous requests for custom work.  So rather than getting discouraged that my Etsy sales aren't growing I am looking at it as a way of advertizing.  People are seeing my designs, liking them, and requesting custom work which equals business.  I'll take a purchase any way I can get it!

At F.E.D. we are continually looking at fresh ways to encourage our business to grow.  Having said that, integrity and originality are always a must.  We have had requests to design jewelry for weddings.  We have had requests to carry our designs in stores.  I am so honoured by the support and appreciation for what I create. 

2010 really has started out with a bang!  We look forward to keeping that momentum for the rest of the year!!!

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