Friday, February 19, 2010

Feature Friday...Paper Route!

It's Feature Friday!!!  This week we have the pleasure of sharing the spotlight with Paper Route.  Paper Route's Etsy shop sells envelopes, post cards, stickers, etc.  Plus, every purchase receives a free gift/extra!!!  Let's take a look at Paper Route's artist...

1. Tell us about yourself?

Until recently, I was a high school English and Creative Writing teacher (10 years) but then my beautiful daughter came along and now I am enjoying maternity leave (for at least another few months) and trying new things and enjoying things I was too busy to do before. I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth (I think this is actually a tourist ad on TV but I do feel that way) and I am happily married to a really sweet guy coming up on five years now – time flies when you are having fun! I love reading, writing, photography, the beach, mail, random acts of kindness (not so random ones are good too), travel, a good cup of tea, quiet moments, and good food.

2. Why did you decide to open a shop on Etsy?

I came across Etsy in a roundabout sort of way and browsed for a long time, bought a few things and then thought, “Hey, I could open a shop on here.” So I did. It has been a really fun venture.

3. Who or what inspires your designs?

I love old maps and old books – this is mostly what I work with. I’m an avid recycler (from way back when it wasn’t cool or even available in some places) and I love that I can create something new from something old (Etsy is such a great community for this). One of my favourite things to do is send cool, happy, day-brightening mail to people in my life (near and far) and what’s cooler than a fun envelope? I just started a passion – project on the subject actually: (check it out – shameless plug).

4. Why is supporting handmade important to you?

I love handmade because it is so personal and that just feels good. There are so many wonderful artisans and crafters out there doing the things they love to do and loving life because of it – how can I not support that? If they get to quit their day jobs or stay home with their children – even better.

5. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Wondering where the time went... and hopefully enjoying my kid(s) and family as much as I am now.

A special thank you to Paper Route for taking
the time to be featured on our blog!

To get your Paper Route products visit their Etsy shop at:

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