Thursday, February 18, 2010

How to...Shipping!

Ah, shipping!!!  The nightmare that every Etsy seller will face!  Why is shipping such a dilema?  Let's take a look...

To start, there are different rates to ship within Canada, to the US, and Internationally.  Then, weight and dimensions affect the prices.  And lastly, you have to select a shipping method, ground, express, etc.  Like I said a nightmare. 

Lucky for us, Canada Post now provides the service Ship-in-a-Click!!! It is shipping made easy!  With Ship-in-a-Click you follow the simple steps.  Type in the addresses.  Enter the dimensions and weight which is simpler than it sounds.  Select between the shipping options.  All done in the comfort of your own home using your credit card to pay.  Lastly, you print your shipping lable and place your package in your nearest Canada Post Box.  It is really that easy!!!

To take advantage of this sites time saving tool click the link below.

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