Monday, February 1, 2010

My Monday...Goodbye January!

Well, its official January is gone.  No more New Year resolutions, fresh calendars, or holiday spirit.  Also, finished is our Internet experiment.  How did we fare, let's take a look...

Sadly, on Etsy we are still stuck at one sale.  I have done everything I can think of to try and boost my sales, but no such luck!  Even without an increase in purchases I am still proud of the many improvements in my shop.  I have completed a total "shopover".  How?  We have a new banner, better pictures, and more efficient shipping rates.  Hopefully, February will bring about a second sale!

I will shamelessly admit I have been tweeting up a storm.  Better yet, I love it!  Four Elements Design currently has 66 followers.  Only nine people short of our goal.  I have loved the knowledgeable advice and hilarious tweets I have been privileged to.  Our experiment may be over, but F.E.D. will keep on tweeting!!!

One of my favourite Internet outlets has been my facebook fan page.  As of February 1, 2010 we have 164 fans!  Wow, what an honour!!!  Our facebook fan page has allowed us to interact on a regular basis with people that are interested in what we do.  In January we held a New Year's promotion and just gave away a free bracelet.  February is fan appreciation month and there is a free necklace up for grabs.  All you have to do is become a fan!

Lastly, we have successfully posted a new blog post everyday in the month of January!  Our blog format is really helping to ensure a wide range of topics are addressed.  In addition, we are sharing the spotlight with other gifted Artisan's on Feature Friday.  We can't forget Wednesday's Favourite Things post where four Etsy shops are selected for their quality items.  Blogging has been incredibly rewarding and we are so thankful for every one of our twelve dedicated followers.

So was it a success?  I guess that is for you to decide.  Each site has provided rewards in its own way.  Our sales may still be the same as when we started, but look at what we have learned along the way!  Even though our Internet experiment has come to a close Four Elements Design is looking forward to continuing on our journey, internet included!

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