Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tip of the Week..."Focus Up!"

After looking at the title for this week's Tip of the week you probably think I have lost my mind!  "Focus Up" is one of my husband's classic one liners and I think it is the perfect accent to this week's suggestion.

I find it quite easy to get caught up with everything Etsy offers.  Visiting the virtual labs, forums, alchemy, treasury, etc.  This contstant hopping from one area to the next leaves me exhausted.  Not only do I need a nap afterwards, but I can barely remember what I've seen or commented on when I am done!

So this week's tip is to focus up and dedicate your efforts to only one area in Etsy.  For instance, spend as much time in the forums reading and commenting as you can allow.  Next week focus your time in another area.  Create a schedule that ensures you are doing your do diligence in each Etsy area, just not all at the same time. 

Focusing your efforts simplicates your life.  And chances are without all that jumping around you might actually remember what you have done! 

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