Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Think It Is Working...

Today was a BIG day for Four Elements Design.  We reached 100 fans on our facebook fan page!  It appears that saturating the Internet with Four Elements Design is getting us known. 

The first step in attracting potential buyers is getting them to view your product.  On facebook fan pages you can link to your Etsy shop.  With twitter you can tweet new listings to your followers.  So, now that you have a small following, what is next?

One of the things I have noticed is to keep all sites current.  People want to know your shop is a priority, not one without new listings or it is rarely updated.  With up to date listings, posts, and tweets you are showing your dedication to your business.  Dedication shows your reliability.

Secondly, make it personal.  Give it that human touch.  Buyer's want to know who they are purchasing from.  What that person is about, their interests, the process.  The easiest way to achive this is to include a short bio on all of your sites.  Include pictures of you, your work, your studio.  Or post lists of your favourite musicians, movies, author's.  Anything, that lets the consumer know what makes you special.

So what has Four Elements Design learned today??? 

1)  Make your presence known
2)  Keep the Buyer interested
3)  Show what makes you special

Good Luck : )

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