Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tip of the Week...Make it POP!

As I have mentioned in previous blogs your pictures are the key to selling your product.  That is why our tip of the week is to make it POP!  How, do you ask? 

Colour plays a big role in making your product stand out.  If you have a black shirt, standing infront of a black background is not going to do it justice.  Use a white back ground and it will steal the show.  Black and white are great neutrals, but the colour wheel is helpful too.  Use the colour across the colour wheel of your product to really make it pop!

Birdhouse made out of Antique Book-The Native Library Birds-1917

Having great lighting makes or breaks a picture.  If the room is dimly lit it will be difficult to showcase your item.  Natural light is always best, but in a pinch you can always use a homemade light box.  If we can't see your beautiful piece, how is anyone going to buy it?

Leather Cord Necklace with Green and Black Beaded Pendant

Styling or props are great.  You can group your item with like things.  You can set a theme.  Styling can tell a story, giving your piece life.  Remember the thumbnail square is small.  Ensure the eye is drawn to the item for purchase.

No place like home - Freshwater pearl SPARROW nest necklace

These are a few basic tips for making your pictures pop.  Play around with different colours, backgrounds and lighting to see what makes your product standout.  Good luck!

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