Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tip of the Week...Stay True to You

In the world of creativity it is easy to get lost from the path you set out on. It may be low sales, infrequent views, or poor feedback. Whatever the reason, it is always good to evaluate why.

If your sales are non-existent or few and far between take a look at the items listed. How is the price point? Is it worth paying the shipping fees? Is the listing descriptive? A piece of advice I read on Etsy was to imagine there were no pictures with the listing. You had to describe in detail to give the buyer the exact image of what they are purchasing. A buyer is not going to invest in an item if it is not exactly what they want. And they are not going to know unless you tell them. Use your words!

Are infrequent views your problem? Take a look at your pictures. A picture really does say it all. If it is not engaging, people will not click to view the item. Remember the thumbnail pictures are small. Make sure the item you are selling is being showcased.

Little or poor feedback is a more difficult issue. Not all buyers realize posting feedback helps your shop. It doesn’t hurt to send them a friendly reminder. It is really beneficial to the seller and the buyer as positive feedback is shown on each profile. Poor feedback is a whole different situation. It could be the item was not what was described. The shipping took too long. The buyer was displeased with the way the transaction was handled. There are many reasons. The best way to get to the bottom of the situation is to ask the buyer why they were not satisfied. Look at it as a way to improve your business in the future. We are all learning.

I hope these suggestions have helped. Remember the excitement you had when you created your Etsy shop. Don’t let a little negativity stand in your way. Stay true to you.

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