Friday, January 29, 2010

Feature Friday...jules J gallery

We are back on track with Feature Friday!  This week we have the pleasure of introducing you to Julie from jules J gallery.  She is a brilliant artist with a fabulous Etsy shop. 

Tell us about yourself?

My husband and I live in beautiful BC, Canada.  Only a short drive to the ocean. I am a stay at home mom of 2…an 8 year old son and a 7 year old daughter. Our newest addition to the family…Bella, our social little black multi-poo who thinks she is a lab. I love garage sales, thrift stores, watching birds feed and bathe in our small back yard, anything nature, and anything that involves the art of creating.

Why did you decide to open an Etsy shop?

I opened my shop as a gallery for me to share some of my artwork: reproductions of my original acrylic paintings, my " your thoughts anytime" note cards, vintage style photography and my jewelry...all in one place, and to hopefully generate some income while doing things I truly LOVE to do. I also prefer to be “behind the scenes” instead of selling, face to face. I find Etsy very easy to use, (as I am not very computer savvy) it’s fast, versatile, allows for easy editing, easy communication, and I think a very well laid out platform for both buyers and sellers.

Who or what inspires your designs?

Probably my love of home decorating…I love black, white, silver, pale grey, creams and taupes, with a touch of pink and green. And maybe a bit of purple. I adore crystal chandeliers, black & white photography, thrift store finds such as silver trays, old crystal vases, bowls, plates and vintage tea cups and saucers. And of course, nature…birds, the pure magic of a fleeting sunrise & sunsets with no two ever being the same, the seasons of trees, the way light falls differently at different times of the day. The incredible beauty of a common flower or even a weed!

What advice would you give a new Etsy artist BEFORE they open a shop?

I recently read the following two blog posts from



Also, a fellow Etsy shop owner I met at a Christmas craft fair locally, said “the secret to Etsy…post/renew everyday or as often as you can”. Something my husband keeps reminding me about...know your target market...are you trying to sell to fellow Etsy shop owners?? If so, spend lots of time in the forums commenting etc. Are you trying to sell outside of Etsy?? Then you have to let people know you exist...without over-spamming them, and comment, comment, comment. This is the next phase I will be working on with my own shop!!

Where do you see youself in 10 years?

Still involved in the creative process, whatever that may look like. I NEED to have my artist outlet, whether it’s photographing a flock of birds, painting a flower to hang over my mantle or make some jewels and baubles to wear…I need to create and evolve as an artist.

To visit jules J gallery on Etsy click the link below

A special thanks to Julie for taking the time to share
 her process with Four Elements Design.


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