Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Week in Review...January 24 - 30

Another week has passed.  I cannot believe how fast January has flown by.  This week has been a busy one as well.  I guess that is why one of the topics we focused on this week was taking time for ourselves.  I made a conscious effort to take 20-30 minutes everyday to just unwind.  And today I pampered myself and got a haircut!  Not normally a big deal, but it has been a really really long time.

I loved this week's collection of favourite things.  I am repeatedly drawn to modern design.  I love the access I have with Etsy to browse different key words.  The possibilities are endless.

I also am thrilled to be back on track with Feature Friday.  This week Julie from julesJgallery shared with us her inspirations.  Her Etsy store is full of excellent finds with a wide range of handmade cards, jewelry and artwork.  I'm looking forward to the enlightening interviews to come!

Personally I have been extremely busy so I have not had the time I usually dedicate to making jewelry.  I was thrilled to have a window on Friday to drop everything and make beads!!!  I am slowly getting the jewelry made so you can look forward to NEW jewelry being listed on Etsy shorty.

Once again thanks for reading :o)

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